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EvE-Site is the premium Web Hosting Provider for EvE Online Clients. We offer Competitive Prices and Discounts for long term service plans.

If You Have Pre-Sales Questions, you may contact using the following ways
  1. Send an in-game Mail to Apocil Munar:
  2. Email Customer Service:
  3. You can also contact the administrator on Jabber IM/GoogleTalk at using any Jabber IM Server.
Once we have received your request will will communicate with you to discuss which plan you want and what features you may wish to have installed. Then we will direct you to the order system. We do it this way so that your order does not get lost in space!!! Then once we setup your site you will be able to view it. The Site will expire 7 days after setup unless we receive your setup fee payment ingame prior to the expiration date. You will not receive login details for the site to make changes until the payment is processed.