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Alliance Tournament: XI

It’s that time of the year again where the alliance tournament rolls around. With dozens of alliances chomping at the bits to get in on the action this year. Only 64 were chosen. The full Dev Blog can be found here.



Of those chose many are familiar faces such as defending champions Verge of Collapse and many tourney veterans like Pandemic Legion, RAZOR Alliance, Shadow Cartel, Test Alliance, Rote Kapelle and many others. This year tournament also consist of some newer faces to the AT crowd. Such as WHY so Seri0us, Drunk ‘n’ Disorderly, Nulli SecundaLate Night Alliance, and Rainbow Dash Friends.

All 64 teams will be battling it out for the glory of being crowned ATXI champions and the spoils that come with it. This years prizes include the usual ship bpc for first place and second place. The top three teams will also receive in-game medals. Gold, silver and bronze for first, second and third respectively. All teams will be immortalized with their own in-game collectible card similar to the ones give out at the New Eden Open. An Alliance Tournament cup will be created and engraved with the names of each winning team including the ATXI champions. The cup will be on display in the lobby of CCP headquarters in Reykjavik, Iceland. The full Dev blog can be found here.

This year we see the return of some past commentators and also some new faces. Returning to host ATXI the one and only CCP Soundwave. Along with his team of commentators featuring CCP Rise (formally know as Kil2), CCP Fozzie (fka Raivi), CCP Dolan (fka MichealBoltonIII), Shadoo , Bacchanaian and last but not least Apathetic Brent. The full Dev blog can be found here.

This year’s AT is shaping up to be one of the best AT of all time. Fresh face and returning veterans should make this and interesting tourney and very enjoyable one to watch. New commentators and old will bring us insight and perspectives yet to be seen. With an plethora of prices to win and glory up for grabs this will be an AT to remember. Missed last year’s AT? No worries you can watch it here.

Let’s hope we don’t experience the same server issue as last year. From what I’m told it’s been handled.

(Note: Contains Explicit Language)

-Jeremiah Hakoke

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