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All funds are used to pay for Server Maintenance!

We are no longer accepting New Customers. Sorry for any inconvenience.We offer Web Hosting for All EvE Online Customers from the individual pilot to the EvE Corporation and even EvE Alliances and we do it all for payments in in-game currency also known as ISK.

Plans range from Monthly to Annual and Include the following products which can be pre-installed at your request -And- If you have a custom design you would like to be added to your site we can add it for you or give you FTP/phpmyadmin access to do it yourself:

All Packages Include the following:

  • 1500 MB Storage
  • 3000 MB Bandwidth/Month
  • Full PHP5.2 and greater Support
  • Multiple Email and Forwarder addresses (Upon Request)
  • Weekly Offsite Backups
  • Full Support

* This Limit is only set to prevent reselling of our services. Anyone who does resell our services under their own name will have their account banned. Only (Not available on Sub-domain Orders eg.

Professional Installation of the above products is available for a one-time fee of 100 Million Isk per order not per item. 

Web Hosting Package Prices


(150 Million ISK)

Perfect if you want to try us out. Or wish to pay month by month.


(400 Million ISK)

This plan shows you are dedicated so we will offer you a 10% discount on the monthly plan


(650 Million ISK)

Our Semi Annual Plan shows you are more dedicated so we will give you 1 month free when you chose the Semi-Annual Plan. This means you only pay for 5 Months


(1.2 Billion ISK)

For our Veterans and Hardcore pilots we offer a 1 year hosting plan which includes 3 free months since you are guaranteeing your service with us.

Personal Client Information Required for Domain Transfer Orders! This info will only be used to register the domain name in the Clients Name.

Paypal is required to purchase/transfer a full domain name as this cannot be purchased with in-game ISK. An Invoice will be sent to your Paypal account and the site will not be created until payment is received for this type of order. We use to purchase/transfer domain names. If you plan to manage your domain name yourself and simply point to our dns servers to access your account then please chose that option at checkouot.