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Monday Night – Fight night


Monday night USTZ- Tuesday Morning EUTZ- saw local smack exchanged, hybrid turrets spewing rounds furiously, carebears dying, and a drone battle between domis and proteii and was wildly regarded by combatants as some of the most refreshingly enjoyable content since massive subcapital fights were waged in and around F4R2-Q, the staging system of the Stainwagon (a motley collection of Eastern and Western European alliances loosely led by Darkness of Despair, a slavic PvP alliance).

It began when a 50 Against ALL Authorities structure grinding fleet consisting mainly of Oracles and Taloses set forth from F4R and began shooting SBUs in E3-SDZ. An NCDot Eagle fleet rapidly moved to intercept. Though evenly numbered the AAA fleet commander opted not to engage after determining that though evenly matched – his fleet simply didn’t have the logistics necessary for his brittle fleet to be able to go toe to toe with the well tanked eagles. The AAA fleet rolled safes – while others logged off for a short time – until the NCDot fleet decided to leave. But blood was yet to be spilt. Shortly after NCDot’s departure one of AAA’s scouts happily announced he had a neutral golem tackled. Convinced it was bait, the AAA fleet was cautious. But, it would seem, this golem pilot was simply a carebear at the wrong place at the wrong time.

Golem killmail
Pod killmail

A short time later another NCDot eagle fleet would make a run into F4R looking for a brawl; they were given a fight not long after. Undocking into the eagle fleet, a AAA led tengu fleet soon found itself in a rather bemusing situation: neither side could break one another. Both thoroughly tanked against one another’s primary damage types (Kinetic and Thermal for both sides). The stalemate was made apparent when AAA huginns managed to web down an NCDot scimitar that simply wouldn’t die and was confirmed when the NCDot eagles got a warpin directly on top of the AAA scimitars and simply couldn’t break them. The stalemate continued, with both sides attempting alpha strikes and rapid fire target swaps in an attempt to gain the upper hand and it finally seemed like there was simply going to be no victor until a lone AAA falcon undocked and began jamming NCDot’s scimitars. Enough logistics was jammed to disrupt NCDots ability to tank the incoming dps as an NCDot scimitar went down rather shortly after the falcon made its appearance, followed by handful of his comrades. Having lost the capacity to engage properly, NCDot retreated. Pursued a few systems by AAA any stragglers were picked off and interesting kills had:

Particularly this pod
But I digress, the F4R fight itself (it should be noted the chimeras had been on undock before the tengu fleet made an appearance using sentry drones in an attempt to instapop light N3 support on field)

But the night wouldn’t be all kind to the AAA fleet. Not two minutes after returning from their pursuit of one NCDot eagle fleet they were batphoned by RZR, who were in desperate need of assistance, to help them against a PL proteus fleet and yet another NCDot Eagle fleet. A poor warp-in given by RZR landed the AAA fleet directly on top of the PL fleet – a dangerous position for a sniping tengu doctrine. Ultimately most of the AAA fleet escaped after being pummeled by PL and NCdot after Lord Rahvin used his command ship as bait to allow his fleet to escape home and reship.

A BR for the fight

After undocking in their shiny new ships the AAA fleet once again found itself hailed by an ally in need. A CFC domi fleet had been dropped by a PL 100mn Drone Proteus fleet and decided they shouldn’t be the only people to have the fun of engaging PL. Jumping in the AAA fleet found PL retreating off field after a brief skirmish and only managed to snare handful of Proteii. Local smack was rife with notable ex-TEST PL members jeering AAA pilots for being “pets” and the GSF forces in local being “blobbers.” Plenty of “umads” were exchanged.

Throughout the fighting most local remained light as all combatants enjoyed relatively small scale combat in a war-zone rife with node crashes and multiple thousand man battles.